Points of Differentiation


DPC employs a disciplined sector, geographic and investment strategy focus, which includes:

  • Control transactions only in the Industrial and Business Services sectors in North America and Europe
  • 90%+ of total companies purchased are Family/Founder/Employee owned
  • 60%+ of platform companies purchased are Corporate Carve-Outs or Multi-Asset Purchases

Business Development and Executive Outreach Team

Fully built out DPC Business Development and Executive Outreach Team to:

  • Identify platform and add-on acquisition opportunities consistent with DPC’s investment strategy
  • Recruit experienced board members and senior advisors to the DPC Platform

Dedicated Portfolio Resources Team

Fully built out DPC Portfolio Resources Team with deep functional expertise in critical disciplines, including:

  • Talent & Management Systems
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Business Integration & Performance Improvement
  • Technology and Information Systems
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Data Analytics / FP&A