Our Firm

Dunes Point Capital ("DPC") is a family office and private investment firm established with a mission to build great companies in the general industrial and business services sectors.

The DPC team has invested, or overseen the investment of, over $5.0 billion in companies since 2001.

$1.5B+ Funds Raised
$115M+ Team Commitments
43 Team members
98 Companies Purchased
90%+ Family/Founder/Employee-Owned Businesses
80%+ Platform Seller Rollover

As of May 2024

Our Strategy

DPC pursues a three pronged investment strategy to help identify and develop quality investments

DPC Investment Strategy

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Differentiated Origination

Pursue Opportunities where DPC has Process Advantage in Primarily Family / Founder / Carveout Businesses

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Deep Content Expertise

Invest only where DPC Team has Investment History and / or White Papers

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Thesis Execution Teams

Develop and Accelerate Thesis Execution through DPC Portfolio Resources and Senior Advisor Teams

Creates Quality Investments

Our Values

We will always be guided by our values